UI Designer. Art Director. Illustrator. Optimist.

I was introduced to the power of empathy early in life. I was compelled to understand other’s challenges; to feel their versions of pain, joy, love, and bias. This led me to a life of creativity. Whether it be through dance, painting, or designing—I am fueled by taking a feeling or thought and putting it into a visual or tangible form of interaction.

I paint and sketch constantly but my heart lies in creating the user journey—which is where my desire for empathy really gets to shine.

I believe that the user’s experience starts with brand strategy and a strong identity system. My goal for each project is to be more than just a pixel pusher who creates a functional website but also work diligently to create truly memorable experiences that extends beyond a brand’s web presence.

Photo of Diana Terry

To learn more about my work experience and current position, please visit my LinkedIn profile.